Friday, November 27, 2009

Bob Crow Thick O

Was'nt Bob Crow a hoot on Have I Got News For You?

Didnt laugh
Didnt say anything remotely funny.
Wore a short sleeved short like some chav hardnut in the biting cold winter.

The worst guest since the tub of lard that had to replace Roy Hattersly. Well worse at least the lard made people laugh.

I hope all you proud members of the RMT had your brain cell breifly stimulated.

Unite members have done the decent thing - sort of

I note that Unite members have voted to take industrial action short of striking in their dispute with LU. Well 200 have. Apparently 500 LU workers are members of Unite. Strange that only 200 bothered to vote but then I suppose its like pissing in the wind when we have the 10,000 represented by the RMT yet to vote.

Its all about pay of course. Most people in this country would be lucky to get any sort of pay rise this year and many lucky to have a job at all. I do hope the RMT members do not vote to strike as it will ruin many peoples Christmas (and Winterval for many others).

Bob Crow is on Have I Got News For You Tonight - he has done well for himself hasnt he? I expect he will be on Strictly or I'm a Celebrity next year so he wont be worrying too much about pay rises.

How much does a lever puller backer (driver) get paid these days anyway? And as for the rest now that there are Oyster cards, automatic ticket machines etc. What do they do?

Thursday, November 26, 2009

Censored by the left wing geeks

In my last post I re-printed some rather amusing comments i got from users of the Rail UK forum. Most of them were disparaging about me and this blog but in the spirit of freedom of speech and fair play I printed them. For some reason that seemed to make them more angry and we had a lively debated during which I teased them with irony but they didnt get it. Here is a selection of the rest of the comments I got. I had over 600 views of my thread on that sight and over 50 replies before the "LOCKED" the thread e.g. censored it. I think its a commnet on the people on the rail scene their politics and small mindedness. Did we expect anything different?

quote "Classic.... lack of grammer, atrocious spelling, not even proud enough to UK the uk..... oh and he called us all train spotters!"

quote "At the risk of argueing with an idiot (something where both parties always lose):
It is racist. You've decided they were forign based purely on how they dress. Also, many many "moderate" Muslims dress like that, and abhor the ideas of jihadis. So yeah, just plain racist.

As to the woman who was banned from wearing a corss- she was banned from wearing jewllery. There's actually good safety grounds to ban frontline staff from wearing necklaces. Further more, whilst the arabic dress is to a certain extent mandated by their holy book, there's nothing in the bible with regards wearing crosses"

quote "All I can see from your blog is you try talk to people on the tube and they don't talk back. What do you expect? The majority of British people WON'T want a conversation with some (potentially harmful) stranger on public transport. They'd rather read a book, listen to music, sit and think or have a conversation with somebody they know. Small-talk is boring and a waste of time, so why bother?"

i then replied;

i am glad to see you have been paying attention and reading the blog.

dont you think i am being just a little bit tongue in cheek sometimes. In anycase i am smartly dressed devastatingly good looking , charming and absolutely not dangerous. You can always spot me at earls court going out of my way to help passengers with luggage if they are struggling while the staff skulk

then i got this back -- hahahaha

quote "The fact you have to post this on a public forums shows that you're either desperate for attention and recognition of doing something (like someone who gives to charity and has to shout about it so everyone knows what they've done), or you're lying and just want people to think you do good.

Also, calling yourself "devestatingly (sic) good looking", especially on a public forum, implies that you're almost certainly uncomfortable about the way you look."

Such fun while it lasted. It seems those that work above ground are more bitter and twisted than those that work underground. Anyway its nice to make so many new friends and I didnt bother to quote them by their geeky nicknames but the know who they are.

Banned and abused - excellent!

So in my attempt to learn more and bring cutting edge stories from the world of LU I joined a couple of forums.

District Dave's London Underground Site

I posted this blog name etc and gave a description of it. I had a lot of views then District Dave Banned me. Best not to let your members have any freedom of thought then?

UK Rail Forums

Did the same and have not been banned but had the following comments

Racist - Because I mentioned that I found it strange that Muslim fundamentalists (longs beards and short trousers) were manning security at Heathrow. Does this srtike anyone else as like a fox in the chicken coop?

quote "Some good posts, but equally some rubbish ones. I'm a bit perplexed.. It says at one point you're 7 1/2, then further down the page you have a wife?" --- hahaha


"Not funny, not infuriating, just sad!
For what it's worth, I read the first couple of posts and found them childish. Jokes about members/knobs generally indicate the mentality of a 9 year old. I also found them rather strangely obsessed with hair (or the lack of it), and thought they displayed an arrogance and sense of superioirty that I found a bit distasteful.
A bit of a waste of 3 minutes really, I'm afraid I won't be visiting the blog again!"

Finally, I found a post from a train spotter with links to webcams for spotting trains. Of the 6 uk ones not a train in sight. On the dutch one and the german one trains aplenty. enuf said.

Help! I think i am turning into a geek (as well as a childish dickhead)

Friday, November 20, 2009

So here it is Merry Christmas from the RMT

Here we go again.

As predicted (i know a thing or 2 eh?) the RMT are going to ballot their "members" (fancy asking your knob) about strike action. Hahaha what do you think they will choose? Ferrying us customers around or taking an extra long Christmas holiday so that they can scoff even more qwawie streets, and mince pies. I think we can guess what Bob Crow would prefer. Not that he ever sullies himself with actually working on the TUBE. Oh no he is too busy being paid by the "members" (knobs) to be chaffeur driven around eating and drinking on his expense account at our expense.

Its enough to make you want to jump under a train (a one under as they are known) but the fucking thing is delayed due to signal failure

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Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Yuk - The Swine!

Isnt it fun now that the Swine Flu is back ably supported by the Noro Virus (thats the one where you explode from both ends). There was a girl on the tube today, headphones on, sniffling and snuffling from her red nose, reading the paper, well i say reading it but she wasn't, she was looking at the pics as she ripped through it. She needed to turn the pages so quickly so she was LICKING HER FINGERS for sticky friction to turn the pages eeeewww. I looked at her with disgust and she saw me looking. I think she got the wrong idea, as instead of stopping the disgusting schnuffling and licking she got her mirror and make-up out.

Later as I was walking up a platform I did let out a sneeze. I covered my mouth and tried to lessen the blast but out it came in a loud YAHOOOOO. A woman with lank , unbrushed grey hair looked at me like I was the monster from the black lagoon so I walked up and asked her if sneezing was illegal. She almost ran off in terror.

Finally I saw a superb sight. A bloke that was bald until the mid point of his head whereby he had an almost quiff like bush of hair on the back 3rd. Like a Jedward but with a beach of pink shiny flesh leading up to the hair bit. I sneaked a pic but cant really post it as that would be too cruel even for me.

Friday, November 13, 2009

I have returned for 2 special fans

I hope this ressurection is able to pick on the the growing readership I had when I last wrote. I recieved some contact and then looked again at the blog as I had'nt visited for 6 months. I found some funny and encouraging comments and of course best of all, the the rude ones from the Anti's and LU staff. My daughters 21 and 16 then latched on and read it. And they were pissing themselves laughing, partly from the stories but mainly because they know me and how I view life and the tube as a microcosm of England, the world and human behaviour.

So whats new on the Tube? Well its better I think but then thank god I use Earls Court so a lot of choices. However I do think its surreal that in one direction the Olympia train is coming and going and when there is no expo on it has about 5 people on it for 1 stop. Then the other way they have tons of trains from Earls Court to High St Ken. 1Stop!

The other bizzare occurence is when a train is running late to say upminster they withdraw it from service at Mansion House. I have a theory that happens so that I cant arrive at its final destination late and therefore does not affect the punctuality statistics. Sod the poor bastards who are turfed off and then even later to where they are going.

As usual the worst of the bunch are us, the passengers. Inconsidrate, shifty, suspicious and exisiting with the proximty purgatory they find themselves in when confronted each other.

Still just like Christmas and death 2 things are certain within the next few weeks. Tube strikes and the the ultimate punctuality success in the LU annual calender, the price hikes. That will be on time all right and not taken out of service running late.

I would like to encourage more participation and ideas from readers so any stories, tubey type stereotype contribution (especially if they are drawn or photographed) are welcome and i will post them here.