Thursday, September 09, 2010

More comments from the big brave Anonymous squirrel

My biggest fan took the trouble to leave another charming little message on here in the comments section once again writing under the cowards cloak of anonimity.

He writes in response to my last posting;

"Wrong again shithead! Maybe I'm one of those people you have insulted who is not an LUL employee? There's plenty of us, after all! Anyway, not very nice to see you back, arsehole!"

Seems to have a problem this poor creature I cant have insulted him/her personally I dont think except if its Bob Crow who i dont think cares as he is too thick (skinned).

seems that this little nonentity is getting his/her knickers in a twist about my witty and humourous musings on LU, staff, passengers et al. Oh well you will be relieved to learn that I have started to cycle now and those cyclists really get on my tits.

There they are in their dayglo jackets and padded pants that look like full up nappies. Some stop at traffic lights and others (like me) sensibly look both ways before continuing. After all whats the point in having a bike and then behaving like a car.

I will be bringing the best of my miserable musings to bear on cyclists now as well as the population of the tube.

I got on the tube yesterday and when the doors opened a woman shrieked

"Im not moving! Im Pregnant! "

I said to her. "well then I suggested you travel at a time more condusive to your condition wrapped in cotton wool" then muttered into my newspaper "or preferably clingfilm"

she was gutted (not literally)