Monday, March 27, 2006

Just one cornetto

Now wouldnt this be a wondefrul way to get to work (supposed to be a pic here of a gondola in a canl in an underground station but it wouldnt upload) and utilises the tube tunnel network superbly. Slower I hear you say. Well even I have to concede that but I swear most days I could run faster than the district line from the wimbledon branch. (I expect to get mail telling me to run).

I must say that of late I have been very impressed with trouble free journeys and even working ticket machines on a monday morning. Havre you noticed though that its becoming increasingly difficult to buy a child ticket. So what happens as happened to me Friday evening I couldnt get a child ticket, no windows were open? Oh thats handy the chidren are small enough to fit through the barrier with me. Sorry but had to get where I was going.

I have noticed an increasing trend towards drivers from overseas (judging by the accents). I welcome this as they seem polite and geuss what? They speak good English, unlike many of the uncouth disinterested loutish sounding union men that underperform secure in the fact that you can drink, smoke dope and fall aslepp at the wheel of a train and instead of getting fired you get all your mates a day or 2 off through striking.

Thank god the warmer weather is coming but now we have the usual expensive mobile sauna to look forward to. Why cant they cut some vents in the trains, put some fans in carriages or get some punkawallahs. Oh well maybe sweating your bollocks off in a tube carriage will be an olympic sport by 2012. Lets hope so because I am a shoo in for the gold.