Monday, January 30, 2006

Geat Start to the Week - NOT

Another great event in LU "service". I got to my tube station at Southfields this morning at 7:03 in time to re-new my Oyster card. The macine was broken and a queue at the 1 ticket both open. I asked the guard if I could re-new at the other end and he refused. I said if I queued I would miss my train. He didnt care and thats what happened. I took his name and I will be taking it up with LU.

Thanks very much Mr. Yomi Adejedi - Good luck in your career and dont forget to vote for strike action for more money as your marvellous service obviously demands that you should be paid more.

Monday, January 23, 2006

Driving us Mad!!

So drivers are going to vote on strike action again. They would do well to start trying to win over some support from the passengers instead. They seem to be the elite among LU staff. I suppose its because they earn 35k plus for pulling a lever back. Cerebral that isn't it? Many are rude , slack jawed and arrogant. Many of them sound so fed up that they need some serious customer facing training. The ones that really get on my wick are those that think they can take the piss out of passengers with their supposed sarcastic wit. The best ones I find are women and those with foreign accents. They seem politer and more concientious.

Take note drivers londoners are becoming rather more militant in their opinions of you than you think. I hear a leaflet campaign against your attitudes and willingness to strike because the 2 Bobs say so, is about to hit the carriages. I just say lets get some better value , politer and more professional lever puller backers.

Friday, January 06, 2006

I Stand Corrected

Thanks to Annie for pointing out the errors in my post of 3 Jan

Well the strike wasn't anything to do with the drivers so no wonder they looked perplexed with your signs.Also I know Bob Crow is overpaid for what he does (stir up trouble and go on holiday in the middle of strike negotiations) but he actually earns about £63,000!!

Annie Mole

Personal notification from LU - My Word!!!!

Dear Mr Thacker,

Because of strike action by some RMT members there may be disruption to Tube services from around 18.30 this Sunday evening, 8 January, and throughout all of Monday, 9 January.
If the strike goes ahead we will try to keep as many stations open and as much of the service running as possible. Please check before you travel, using the contacts below, and listen out for information on radio and TV broadcasts.
I'm sorry that once again your journey may be disrupted because of needless strike action by the RMT.

Yours sincerely

Mike Brown
Chief Operating Officer

Tuesday, January 03, 2006

Happy New Year

Happy New Year

Well this certainly illustrates a bygone age of tube travel. Now its SHIT!!!

The only thing on time today were the fare increases. In addition the bastards ruined many peoples New Years Eve by jerking everyone about with the maybe maybe not strike. When I gave some drivers a wankers sign through the cab window they looked perplexed as though they were surprised to be so hated.

LU seem to have given up replying to my complaint letters but I havent given up complaining. Also the RMT did'nt have the courtesy to respond to my missive imploring them not to strike. Mind you I am not sure Bob Crow can write as he can hardly speak proper like. Still he was in Egypt over the new year spending some of his hard earned 150k plus he gets for fucking us "CUSTOMERS" over.

Come on people let's complain loudly and often. If you dont you will get the Tube service you deserve for putting up with it.