Monday, June 26, 2006

Beach Weddings r US

Is that Bob Crow and his beloved in the background?

Tuesday, June 20, 2006


Below is the response to my complaint about the air conditioning.

Thank you for your feedback about the District line trains. I do agree with
you that it would be very short sighted of us to introduce new trains
without installing air conditioning.

However, the trains to which you refer are not actually new, but are simply
the old ones that have been refurbished. Unfortunately, due to the design of
the train, it's not possible for us to fit them with air conditioning

Fortunately, though, these trains are just a stop gap, and over the next few
years as part of the major upgrade of the entire District line, we will be
introducing brand new trains. These, you will be glad to hear, will be fully
air conditioned.

Please contact me again if you should have any further questions.

Kind regards

Daniel Whitehead
Customer Service Advisor
Customer Service Centre

Wednesday, June 14, 2006

Thanks for the comment - eloquent innit

Those trains arent new.... metromess have just tarted them up to increase their ambience scores... fool

As for signals, quite simply a signal operator OPERATES them (the clues in the name GEDDIT)

You really a complete and utter twat who knows nothing, what makes you think that computer controlled signal will be better. Who will take control when they break, which they do very often, including getting the train numbers mixed up and giving wrong signals.

Most of the modern IT realted equipment used is complete shite, the only reason the other stuff breaks is because they were life expired years ago and the Infracos prefer to use cheap modern replacements.

sent by anonymous. Keep em coming.

Its amazing. Modern IT electronics hardly ever fail and when they do there is a back up. However as I suspected we have a combination of job protection and just plain incompetence and greed ensuring that the London Underground is among the worst in the world for comfort reliability and value for money.

Tuesday, June 13, 2006

NEW Trains -No Air conditioning - Morons!!!

The new trains that we are seeing more of on the district line etc have NO air conditioning. What moron was responsible for ordering those then. We have been suffering in worse than animal transport conditions for years and new trains are ordered and they are hot coffins. Shows a total lack of concern or care for the passengers. I would love to meet the wanker or wankers responsible for that.

Also yesterday the old taiwanese signals broke down again and shut the whole district line Wimbledon branch for nearly 3 hours. Marvellous. Interesting that the strike coming up is signal operators wanting more money. WHAT FOR?????? If we have signal operators (what is that? pulling a lever?) why do they keep breaking down. Now dont tell me in this day and age there are not electronic computer controlled signals. But then would be too easy and efficient and expose a complete lack of requirement for the old union members that supposedly work the signals. MY 4 year old nephew could do a better job.

World cup Strikes

Thanks once again to the RMT and their members for trying to fuck with the public to pursue your greedy claims for more dosh. Why dont you understand the concept of efficiency and delivering good service for better pay instead for crap service and treacherous behaviour.

I hope you rot. The public should let you know what they think.

Monday, June 12, 2006

Pa int on (Paddington?)

Its anybodys guess really. If I had been a tourist instead of long suffering commuter I would never have known.

The disgusting lack of panache , style, disction or ability to speak plain English (which most of the overseas employees manage with aplomb)says a lot about some that drive those trains. I thought the idea in life as you grew up was to try to improve ones lot. LU please train those Essex peasants to speak proper like or I want a discount for the mental trauma caused by such painful use of English.

I am trying to get my youngest daughter an Oyster card. You have to get it from the post office . WHY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! mmmmm mmmmmm mmmmm no good reason is there? what bollocks.

World Cup

Not stylish and not great but a win is a win. We are off and running. Joe Cole will score the winning goal in the WC Final. You read it here 1st

Friday, June 09, 2006

Summers Here !!!!

So there we were on the tube yesterday around 4 pm. The train stopped at embankment and remained there. The tube was lovely and hot and everyone was sweating (nice). The driver then announced we were being held due to signal problems at Sloane Square (its those taiwanese plastic ones again).

Then the driver announced it was'nt signals it was a passenger taken ill at South Kensington. SO signals are after all a catch all excuse (as if we didnt know). I am all for dragging the ill person off thge train as we are all getting sick by now. He then said that he was advising people to take alternative routes as it was estimated to be sometime. People began getting off so i settled into a vacated seat to wait. Almost immediately the doors closed and we were off leaving those that got off stranded open mouthed. hahahahaha another great practical joke by LU. Lets hope they can get the trains much hotter over the next few months. They could then collect the perspiration, funnel it to Thames Water and hey presto the water shortage is over.

Do LU know the world cup is on ?

World cup update

Well its finally here and the free lines are rolling. I saw a marvellous report that in spite of the urgings of the over politically correct about not singing the dambusters and all that the England fans have so far bought 8000 inflatable spitfires to take. The Dutch have have those german army helmets made in plastic in orange. Still forgive and forget eh? Dont mention the war!!!!!!

Monday, June 05, 2006

3 Lines That Dont Work

To be sung to the tune of 3 lions on a shirt.

Very appropriate in the week when the World cup is to begin. Indeed 3 lines were not working yesterday. I realise it was a Sunday but there are still 1000's of people that want to use the tube. Anyway I dont have much to offer this week exept to say that it has finally arrived. The event we have all been looking forward to. Do you think if we win the world cup that the govt should declare a bank holiday. I have already declared it one for me anyway.

Come On England!!!!!!!!