Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Take your World Cup and Stick it up your crooked arse

Fifa must have the most crooks in any organisation outside the Cosa Notra. Bribery, Phanton offices rentals, ticket touting, front companies its all there. The amazing thing is is that all the countires in the football playing world and so called football associations are putting up with this crafty crooked bunch. But them with a thick bunch of twats that can only kick a ball and being paid exhorbitant money who is surprised. In any other profession there would be an outcry if the mentally handicapped were being robbed rigid´╗┐


Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Simply Huge !!!

When I boarded my district line tube this morning at Earls Court I thought someone had left a hot air ballon on the train. However on closer inspection it was a human woman as I could see a head sticking out of a huge padded coat (she didnt need it) and an equally huge packback which must have been her packed lunch rather than gym kit. There she was hanging onto the central pole as the doors open. The whole entry section of the train was taken up by this monument. I did see that the other side of her there was quite a bit of room so I gently (at first) said excuse me and squeezed passed. She raised her head from her phone game and looked at me peckishly and I said can I get through there as there is plenty of space. I slotted home but then as she turned I was buffeted by her bag. I looked and realised that from her front her back including rucksack must have been 4ft. As the train filled up there she stood like the Colosuss of Rhodes but fatter. It occurred to me that if a bomb went off i would be safe behind her. Then a seat appeared and christ did she move..... Off came the backpack and she swallowed a couple of rivals before squeezing most of herself and her big coat into a seat. 2 stops later I looked over and she was gone..... perhaps it was all a dream.

Wednesday, November 03, 2010

Thanks for Striking its good for the health

Thanks to fat ugly common scumbag Bob Crow we are all enjoying the opportunity to get to work on pied a terre, bikes, jogging and swimming up the Thames. A perfect way to keep fit and gird ones loins and character in preparation for all the other sheep strikes led by greedy self important thick, immature, impotent, ugly, aggressive, fat, boring union leaders.

We shall overcome these greedy , petty useless fuckwits that can't actually run a service properly when their pea brains are'nt striking .

And as for the firemen i think everyone should visit them on their picket lines on November the 5th and set fire to the moonlighting , greedy, fuckwit, lazy scum