Thursday, November 29, 2007

whats in a name

I lived in the middle east for 12 years and have many muslime friends and aquaintances. I know for fact that the naming of mascots, people etc with the name mohammed is not anti islamic. Lets face it half the muslim men in the world are named mohammed so do they think they are prophets? or would this be considered blasphemous?

I am dissappointed that thus far we are yet to see the leaders of the worlds leading islamic countries condemn the actions of Sudan. This leads to more islamaphobia and I for one and becoming less sympathetic. In fact I am now totally against bedning over backwards to accomodate these people and their sensitivities when they have no sense a brotherhood with us or loyalty to our country.

Fuck em

Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Rucksack Rage

Is it only me (again) or is anyone else fed up with people using their rucksacks as a battering ram. You know what I mean i suppose? They insist of wearing their rucksacks on a packed tube and whereas they would consider any form of body contact an intrusion they dont mind shoving you with the rucksack. Why cant they put them on the floor between their legs? This would also leave space for additional passengers.

I am going to start lighting the fucking things, then when they begin to smoulder a bit it should bring armed officers on board to dispatch them with a few rounds to the head.

On a similar note I wonder why there was a naive debate about wether the armed officers that shot poor old mr de menenzes actually shouted "Armed Police!!" Of course they bloody didnt as that would have given a suicide bomber plenty of time to push the button and blow himself and everyone else to smithereens (what is a smithereen?).

So the new proposed air conditioning system for the tube is a non starter and unworkable... no real suprise there then. Time to get some punkawallahs on board.

I went to Olympia the other evening with my wife to the Erotica show and very good it was too. The tube ride afterwards was brilliant with all the weird and wonderful outfits. I did see a few items I would like to insert into some LU personel (sideways)

Monday, November 19, 2007

Im Back !!!

Well its been a long time since I contributed anything to this blog. Does that mean I have had stress free tube travel??? Well I have to say since I moved to the Earls Court area and away from the dreadful Wimbledon spur of the district line things have improved immensely. Earls court always has trains even though they sometimes sit on the platform FULL of people for 5 or more minutes while the signals change !!! Its a good time for the drivers to catch up on gossip and the latest news. They seem to be having a jolly jape while we wait to be trundled (yes trundled) to work. Is it me or is the underground the slowest form of transport in the world. I think earls court to tower hill is about 7 miles and it takes 36 mins. Now even allowing for loading and unloading that is bloody SLOW isnt it. 6.3 minutes per mile 13 stops 3.5 mins per stop yet each stop is an average of 1 km apart. Somethings wrong

The other mystery at the moment is how long it is going to take to finsh the renovations at earls court. Its been over 2 years now and we are still impeded by scaffolding. What an eyesore. And when are you going to renovate the outside of the station on the Warwick road side. Magnificent 30s architecture dulled by neglect of philistines

Finally, I saw Bob "the nob" Crow on tv yesterday. What a marvellous hero of the workers!!!! My polish plumber speaks better english and has more brain cells in his toe than that crafty fucker. He has managed to keep himself above ground on a fat paycheck and company perks for years all paid for by the public that he so regularly incoveniences. You see even in the commie red RMT some brothers are more equal than others eh?? wink wink nudge nudge say no more.