Monday, February 20, 2006

Monday Letdown (yet again)

Well once again the main electronic ticket machines at Southfields was closed this morning. Apparently it was closed yesterday too so not a new problem. I think probably more commuters renew their cards on a Monday than any other day as seems logical so its a very annoying start to the week when this happens. The question is why? I would have thought that a quick check on a Sunday would have been adequate. Too simple? probably.

I did as ususal have the temerity to complain. Not too vociferously as its wearing me down and I need to conserve brain cells. My plea was greeted with the look that says........... well...... nothing really. Is it worth going on. I think so.

But not today as I am too busy and too knackered. I think this is my most tedious entry so far so apologies but guess what. I cant be bothered today. Just like London Underground everyday.

Thursday, February 09, 2006

Thanks for the Feedback

Things are hotting up on this blog. Word seems to be spreading and I see I have number of visitors from LU staff ranks. Strange that many fundamentally do not seem to understand that they are in a commercial business. Remarks like "if you dont like it dont use it" would soon send my company bankrupt. I would prefer to see "If you arent good enough get another job" (or get fired preferably). We have drivers falling alseep, running red signals and generally behaving like they dont give a monkey's about the passengers but nothing can be done because of the union. It will be interesting to see if the staff vote to strike now over yet another percieved slight to the unions.

Friday, February 03, 2006

Responses to this Blog

I thought I would give you a flavour of some of the responses I am getting to this Blog.

I have had some kindred spirits complementing this initiative and some agreeing with entires from those that have similar experiences.

However the most interesting, and agrressive come from what seem to be LU employees calling me a serial moaner and saying things like "trying doing our job". Well I am here to tell you that those resposes highlight a large part of the problem. Uncaring, badly trained arrogant and ignorant staff (not all I might add) are one of the single biggest reasons for such a dreadful CUSTOMER experience (for thats what we are, paying customers).

Keep the comments coming in please. I am to try to highlight the good (not much) and bad so that we can all enjoy improved services and the staff can enjoy providing them.