Monday, January 21, 2008

Earls Court - Shameful Eyesore

Earls Court really is an eyesore now. All that scaffollding and blue metal panelling. Its been like it for well over a year. As one of the major changeover points and directly on the line from Heathrow I find it appaling that we are prepared to let current users and new arrivals to the country suffer this. The station deserves a good renovation to its former glories and some states of the art platform technology.... oh and the odd train or 2 would be good. Seriously the services through Earls court are some of the best on the line.

Come on get with the program!!

Monday, January 07, 2008

ipod ignorantes

Oh look! I got an ipod for Christmas (I did actually)

There they are with their buds pushed into their ears nicely advertising the fact for muggers, smug but moronically blank looks on their faces (is that an oxymoron? I dont think so because its apt.) The problem now is that unless you do take your perosnal music system onto the tube (which I dont) then you are subsject to the tinny sound or their music which is so irritating. Sometimes it is so loud that the sound is coming out of the listeners mouth. Any attempt to communicate ones irritation (via looks of contempt, bewilderment, exasperation or pleading let alone verbally communicating) are usually ignored or in some cases met with foul abuse. I am not the only person to find this annoying I know but so far LU have not put any signs up to indicate that its rude in the extreme to subject others to that sound.

Worse still are the pathetic bullies that play music on their telephones external speakers (usually crap rap, why to they call it R&B its nothing of the sort unless it stands for Rubbish and Bollocks). LU needs to install cattle prods or tasers for these people.

"Break glass in case of wankers"

If you agree with me on this just drop LU a line and ask them to at least put signs in trains so that we can at least superciliously point to them when someone is being unecessarily annoying.

Here is the complaints link


When service is bad and you have more than a 15 minute delay you are entitled to a refund. Here is the link for that.

Wednesday, January 02, 2008

Happy New Year

Happy New Year to everyone (and I mean everyone).

No sooner do I say what I said in my previous posts than ads start appearing in newspapers from senior Muslims with a message of support , peace and understanding. I stand corrected in my views and welcome such an initiative. Good luck and lets hope that from all sides we can live in peace, harmony and mutual respect.

Well once again London Underground were bang on time again today. WHAT!!!!

yes they are always guaranteed to be on time once a year. With the fare increases !!!!!

Its not much this year and I am a big fan of the oyster card but its so depressing that in real terms wages are going down the economy is going to go through some tough times and still the increases in taxes, fares and all things monopoly related continue to rise.

As I have only just started writing this blog again I am not sure how many people are reading it so any feedback would be appreciated