Friday, February 23, 2007

Dont touch !!

Isnt it strange that in a city of 10 million people and overcrowded trains people in this country are so anally retentive that they hate any physical contact. Have you noticed that even a millimetre of space is protected vociferously. You get dirty looks or the hip shove if you actually make bodily contact. The blokes think you are gay and women seem to think you are drying to dry hump them. Then you get those that use their newspaper as a force field even on the most crowded train.

Actually its suprising really that we havent had a commuter rage killing. But then how would you be able to use any weapon

Thursday, February 15, 2007

Goodbye and Good Riddance to the District Line - Wimbledon branch

Oh Joy

I have moved out of Southfields and left behind the nightmare that is that poxy branch of the district line. I am now in the West Ken, Barons Court Area and I must say the improvement in my daily trip is unimaginable. Hardly ever have to wait more than a few mins for a train and can get to the station later and still get a seat. Obviously usual rules apply in terms of the drivers social club at Earls court holding proceedings up while they chat (in monosyllables of course)

A comment that cam in from Fellatio oops I mena Felicity.

"If we got the Tube Thumper to work for one night during the engineering hours, he'd probably cop out after 5 minutes. Trying to maintain as well as improve a railway that has been part of London for well over 100 years is no walk in the park, so quit whinging like a spoilt brat and ride a bloody bicycle round London if you're that concerned about your own backside."

We ll thanks for the offer Felicity but I think I will keep my highly paid job in the city rather than venture into your tunnel. As a customer its my perogative to whinge and remember baby the customer is ALWAYS right.