Monday, April 24, 2006

Come on!!!!!

For the 2nd monday running the marvellously reverse engineered touch screen tickets dispensers were not working at the warwick road end of earls court station. Its like a fawltey towers sketch. "Lets get all the punters on oyster cards then not maintain the machines - ha ha. That must have been the brainchild of the Tube Integrated Team Spirit (Tits) or Society for the Prevention of Electronic Retail Machines (SPERM) but more likely it was the shady group Workers Against New Knowingly Efficient Retails Space (WANKERS). Anyway get the fucking things working on a MONDAY for us poor bastards.

We had one of those clever dick drivers today. Sort of "I will take the piss and you might make the mistake of thinking I am trying to cheer you up" types. He announced the train departure and destination in the voice of a serial killer. Rather disturbing at 7:30 am from Earls Court (which has enough nutters of its own). The looks from my fellow passengers was one of "what a wanker" and off we went.

On the positive side!!!! The new trains are nice (ish)