Tuesday, August 24, 2010

thanks for the comments and requests

Well it has been sometime since I wrote an entry in this blog. However i do get the occaisional comment of support and of course insults.

I had one brave soul anonymously calling me a loser and hoping that I would not be posting again. I from the bad grammer and aggresive tone and i am certain it was one of the wonderful LU employees.

I also recieve a spam comment every week in Chinese. Whats the point nobody reads or understands that gobbledegook shit.

Anyway the last couple of months on the tube have been wonderrful ?????. Yes during the summer holidays the trains are much less crowded and one doesnt have to push and shove (so much). Also the girls wear less and are a pleasure to behold.

I am off on holiday but will be back in September to THUMP.