Tuesday, August 22, 2006

Channel 4 Dispatches - says it all (well nearly)

Last nights Dispatches programme on channel 4 outlined the problems with the national transport policy or complete lack of it. It also identified Gordon "marxist" Brown as the ultimate Fat Controller. But it really identified the main culprits US, the great british public for putting up with such a parlous state of affairs. Buses, Trains, Roads and the Tube all a complete mess. The message was road pricing (which I disagree with as ROAD TAX should cover the costs of improvement), integrated transport policy and regulation.

Come on wake up and start making a noise!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Of course once all this happens then staff need to be trained to understand customer needs and act accordingly. I am sure this would make the whole experience more pleasant for the public and staff alike.

Monday, August 21, 2006

Circle line - The not very magic roundabout

Can someone tell me how a train set that just goes round in circles can be as crap as the circle line. Often when I change from district to circle at monument at 8 am the interval is 5 plus minutes and this morning it was 7. This is not acceptable for the rush hour!. There were plenty of district line trains so I knew the track had'nt disappeared.

The ticket office at the Warwick road end of Earls court station is closed until further notice. Oh thats alright then. Just another example of deterioration of the service (did I say service?)

I suppose I should be thankful that in the light of the current security levels we dont have to travel naked. Not that I am worried for myself but I certainly wouldnt want the lady that was spilling over into my seat and the one on the other side of her this morning to be naked.

Coz i know its only rolling stock but we hate it

Tuesday, August 15, 2006

Moroccan Public Transport

Marrakech - What a mess. But it works!!

I have been in Marrakech fulfilling my responsibilities to you to bring you news of other transport systems. Marrakech has a dizzying array of choice of transport. Horse drawn carriages, donkey carts, motorbike with a sort of skip on the front, buses, local taxi and Grand Taxis (basically a big Merc that can squeeze 7 people in each paying their own fare. They overtake undertake, 3/4 abreast on anyside of the road. In spite of all this its works!!!!. Not too many rules (not observed or enforced anyway), private enterprise, customer service with a smile, airconditioning (open topped or windows down and, cheap. Doesnt sound anything like that bastion of civilisation and home of TFL does it? Thank christ for that!!!

Wednesday, August 02, 2006

a trouble free week

I must give credit where its due. I have had no hassle or delays on the tube now between the city and earls court for over a week!!!

I still find boarding a train and sitting there for over 4 minutes at Earls Court very annoying especially when its stiflingly hot.

I am off on my holiday to Marrakech where they dont have tubes, drive on anyside of the road they want and get up to 6 people squeezed into cabs. Camels and Donkeys are also popular transport. I will post some pics of the transport alternatives when I get back.