Monday, January 15, 2007

Comment Corner

Thanks for the recent comments to this blog published here for your delectation

Anonymous said...
You know that come 2011 they'll be telling us that they won't be installed until 2020 for some stupid reason.

Anonymous said...
The new trains planned for that line have to be delivered first and they will run on the old present day signalling. When all the new trains are running and the old ones scrapped the new signalling will be installed area by area. The new trains will have to be able to use both old and new signalling ( interunning ) until the whole line is resignalled. Converting pre war train stop/trip cock signalling to the latest moving block technology and on a line as large as the district will take some time. 2011 could been seen as optimistic. The complexity of what is planned is not to underestimated as the District also shares tracks with the Circle/Piccadilly/H&C

Thanks for that technical input. I just want to get on a train (on time) get to my destination (quickly) and for a reasonable price (£2). Is that too much to ask?

Kleenex said...
Get a fukcing life!
All I see here is whingeing about the tube. You need to get out more and stop being obsessed and wound up with such things.

Well Kleenex thats what this blog is about. I have a superb life apart form the tube and obviously am idiscerning enough to demand a better service than I get now for the exhobitant fares I pay. Nice nickname you have. Obviously a regular wanker.

Friday, January 12, 2007

The Dreaded District Line to Wimbledon

As I have mentioned before this line is probably the worst on the whole network. There seem to be less trains going through Earls Court to Wimbledon and when it comes to getting out of the wimbledon area its a joke. This morning there was 1 train in 20 mins between 7.25 and 7:45 and this is the RUSH hour. Signal problems apparently. I dont buy it!!! But geuss what I have to. There is no other choice and thats the point really isnt it? Anyway I am moving beyond that part of the district line close to Earls Court yippeeeeeeee !!!

I see that one of the marvellous operating companies have said there will be no improvement until 2011 as the new signals will not be installed until then. WHY NOT. Anyway the fares will be so high by then that it will only be used by a few people. Its funny isnt it how developing countries like India etc are improving their infrastructure and but are destroying ours. I dont for the life of me know why people want to come here.

I cant be bothered with wit or anger today. I am too demoralised having to travel like that this morning. I was late for a business meeting although I left home in plenty of time. In fact it would have been quicker to fly to spain.

Wednesday, January 03, 2007

Efficiency at last

No not improved services, punctuality or trains. As I predicted the quickest thing LU do in a year is put the prices up and get all those machines changed in a flash.

We have the most when it comes to our tube network.

Most Costly
Most inefficient
Most Slow
Most crap trains (especially the disgusting district line)
Most signal failures

I could go on but its too depressing but I wonder if we have the most jumpers too.

So if the lowest single journey in now £4 thereby removing the freedom to travel on a whim of those that are not regular tube users, by the time of the olympics our guests from around the world should be paying £16 for the lowest cost journey. By then the star trek style beam me up travel option should be available so we wont need the tube which wil be gleamingly new, fast and efficient (yeah right) ....... and empty. The government dont need to worry about an overheated economy LU seem to have the answer to slowing growth.

Still with the thousands of new Europeans that will be flooding in perhaps a rickshaw or people powered stagecoach service will be implemented.