Monday, October 03, 2011

The wonderful weekends with LU

So "Planned" Engineering works bought london to a standstill again this weekend. Earls Court station once again excelled in its lack of caring about those who pay their wages. THE CUSTOMER. Most days last week were a shambles.

They cant even decide which train is leaving from which platform so one has the ridulous situation of people running from one train to another then back again and the one they got off last leaves 1st.

I bet the staff are having a massive giggle though. After all it impossible to get fired from LU and if by anychnace you do for drinking, nearly causing dreadful accidents or just not doing your job proberly then Cock Crow will whip up a series of strikes.

Why is it thatn when the service is so shit people stand around like stunned mullets saying nothing but looking at me ranting like I am mad (which I fucking well am by then)

If you stand for it you get the service you deserve