Thursday, November 16, 2006

The World is my Oyster (NOT)

Its typical of this country.

Start charging for roads.... but dont build new ones. I thought we had paid over and over for the ones we have now!!!

Put train fares up year after year ........ but dont deliver and better service!

Force everyone into getting Oyster cards...... but only put a few machines in stations!!!

Come on sharpen up there are hundreds of the old ticket machines unused and usually just one oyster card machine.

Wednesday, November 01, 2006

why oh why

Why is it that on a monday after a weekend of inconvenient maintenance the service is rubbish. This monday we had delays on numerous lines including the district line apparently due to an "incident" at temple. Barristers wig on the line perhaps? The circle line west severely delayed westbound due to someone being taken ill. Need to know more about that. Was someone coughing or did they have leprosy. We should be told!!

Another thing i have noticed is that drivers seem to have loads of time to shoot the breeze with fellow drivers and LU employees. A jolly old time being had by all. Never mind the poor bastards crammed in the train they just pay the wages.

well winter is here now so we can expect all sorts of fun with leaves, ice, rain (have you seen the leaks at notting hill? its like a victorian public baths).

Maybe I should hiberate.