Monday, May 14, 2007

Weekend Works - What the F**** happened today then

So the circle line was closed as was most of the district line for work to be carried out. What work was that then? Reverse engineering obviously as the lines were affected by delays and signal failures today. What a joke!!! No one seems to really give a monkeys or be embarrassed about the fact that our tube is probably the worst in the world. Yes I know its old but if we keep using that excuse then we may as well accept that its shit, which I dont!! Its expensive and I expect a good service.

Thanks to the correspondent that commented on my last piece. Its goes to highlight what is wrong with the ethics and attitudes on the tube. The service at the station was shit, simple as that! and the fat guard WAS actually happily drinking coffee while people were being delayed by machine breakdowns and the newpapaer man WAS leaning at a 45 degree angle. I couldnt be bothered to make it up but i can be bothered to complain and I will not be stopping because some unionised wanker that cant accepted criticism (contructive or otherwise). By the way are you fat?