Monday, December 19, 2005

Another Complaint Letter

Here is my latest complaint to LU. I had no reply to last weeks letter which is unusual but may be because I pointed out this site and said I would be posting their reponse. I will post your complaint letters anbd responses here if you let me have them.
Here we go again. Absolutely useless. At southfields station this morning neither of the ticket machines were working for those wanting to renew oyster cards. None of the ticket windows were open. This is totally unacceptable level of service. When I commented to the woman manning the station (the only person there) she said "dont blame me" whilst I understand her comment she was the only LU employee.
I want compensation for all the inconvenience I have been caused this year and the time I have had to take to write letters.
By the way I recieved no reply to my letter last week.

quicker by magic carpet? Almost certainly and more of them.

Wednesday, December 14, 2005

Complaint letter to LU

This is my latest complaint letter to London Underground. I will post their reply.

I have a few questions about regular occurences that I find increasingly annoying. You see although I regularly write to let you know of areas of service that are poor I have aggregated several concerns into one letter as these are now happening everyday on the same journey.

1. At Earls court the train waits on platform 2 for over 3 minutes and quite often 2 city trains enter and leave platform 1. Why is this? its only been a few stops since wimbeldon where the drivers can pass the time of day with their colleagues whilst the long suffering commuter sits and waits like a dummy.

2. The same as above happens at Aldgate (why are we waiting).

3. When I change from the district to circle line at cannon street or monument I am having to wait TEN minutes for a circle line train. And this during the RUSH hour. (not much rushing there then). Its a CIRCLE line for gods sake the trains go round in a circle how difficult can it be? Cant you get someone intertested in running a train set.

so with the 2 rest stops at earls court and the 8-10 minute wait at monument my journey is taking between 14-20 mins longer than it should.

Finally do the vast majority of drivers have to sound like disinterested charmless drones with fick (thick) accents. How difficult can it be to say Platform 3 instead of platfowm free.

I will continue to complain for my own satisfaction of fulfilling my duty to myself as a CUSTOMER and of course help in identifying areas of improvement.

I will from now on be reproducing my letters to you on my weblog at

Tuesday, December 06, 2005

Its Time for Action

Enough is Enough !!!!!!

"Anger is a signal, and one worth listening to." - Harriet Lerner 1985

The Tube is London's main transport system. It is the central nervous system of the the living being that is the world's greatest capital city. However if a human body had to rely on a central nervous system that operates like this it would probably be very ill at the very least or dead.

This weblog will set out to be as fair as possible in its assessment of the overall service but will concentrate on the service recieved by the most important group of "customers" , the commuters. We pay more, get treated the worst and seemingly complain less. Dont YOU realise that if you dont act you get the service you deserve. In France they would have filled the trains with rotten eggs, sheep or some other agricultural product in protest. But then again filling them with French people is, I suppose, enough for anyone (en plaisantant)

I would encourage comments on the subjects below and will publish the best. I encourage genuine anger, sacarsm, wit and anecdotes. I seek volunteers to establish localised commuter panels at each station so that we can act in harmony to effect change or at the very least register our displeasure. Who know's we may even be able to harmonise on positive comments if we succeed.

Its time to be heard.

The Service - Strike action at Christmas!!! - Let em have it
The Cost - Well let's face it, it's a piss take
The Passengers - What and who do you find annoying.
The Staff - Comments invited.
The Trains - How do normal people fit in those circle line seats.Lucky we're not Americans.

I will be publishing a post on these subjects over the next few days and will incorporate comments (see bottom of page to post comments).

The next post will set the scene for opinion polls on various subjects. Please send in your ideas on posting subjects and polls. I will publish guest articles so please inidicate your willingness to write them and have them published.

This weblog is not just for my edification, entertainment or venting of frustrations. Its a London thing where ever you are from.

"Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed citizens can change the world. Indeed, it is the only thing that ever has."

Margaret Mead - US Anthropologist (1901 - 1978)