Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Rucksack Rage

Is it only me (again) or is anyone else fed up with people using their rucksacks as a battering ram. You know what I mean i suppose? They insist of wearing their rucksacks on a packed tube and whereas they would consider any form of body contact an intrusion they dont mind shoving you with the rucksack. Why cant they put them on the floor between their legs? This would also leave space for additional passengers.

I am going to start lighting the fucking things, then when they begin to smoulder a bit it should bring armed officers on board to dispatch them with a few rounds to the head.

On a similar note I wonder why there was a naive debate about wether the armed officers that shot poor old mr de menenzes actually shouted "Armed Police!!" Of course they bloody didnt as that would have given a suicide bomber plenty of time to push the button and blow himself and everyone else to smithereens (what is a smithereen?).

So the new proposed air conditioning system for the tube is a non starter and unworkable... no real suprise there then. Time to get some punkawallahs on board.

I went to Olympia the other evening with my wife to the Erotica show and very good it was too. The tube ride afterwards was brilliant with all the weird and wonderful outfits. I did see a few items I would like to insert into some LU personel (sideways)


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