Friday, January 06, 2006

Personal notification from LU - My Word!!!!

Dear Mr Thacker,

Because of strike action by some RMT members there may be disruption to Tube services from around 18.30 this Sunday evening, 8 January, and throughout all of Monday, 9 January.
If the strike goes ahead we will try to keep as many stations open and as much of the service running as possible. Please check before you travel, using the contacts below, and listen out for information on radio and TV broadcasts.
I'm sorry that once again your journey may be disrupted because of needless strike action by the RMT.

Yours sincerely

Mike Brown
Chief Operating Officer


At 6:22 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

But TfL probably advised by the Mayor and Press Office did not list any closed stations on Ceefax, TfL wap and hid it away on the main site. They also insist that Delay messages mustn't go on too long and be replaced with "Good Service" when its still up the wall, just like on the 21 July


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