Monday, May 22, 2006

I Dont Like Mondays

The person that made the phrase I dont like Mondays famous was Brenda Spencer who shot 11 people killing 2 in 1979.

Today I know how Brenda must have felt. I could have shot plenty today, mostly fellow pasengers. We were stuck at St James Park station on the train for 15 mins with one muttered announcement about signals. Why is it that half the tube system is shut on a sunday for maintenance then doesnt work properly on a Monday.

Anyway there we were sitting like stuffed dummies (most of them were) and I voiced my opinion about LU and announcements and the fact that it was an interminable delay. Passengers were looking at me like I was mad!!! The morons justs sat there staring at their hands. Why not rock the train , turn it over, set it alight!!! The alternative is accepting this consistently appaling service and therefore the public will get what they deserve. Fuck all in terms of improvement. Brenda will be due for release soon. Maybe I will offer her a holiday.

Big Brother

What a bunch of morons , miscreants and utter wankers comprise the marvellous big brother this year in fact no change there then. I think I would have slit Shahbaz's throat on the 1st night (or my own). I just hope Brenda buys the kit kat with the winning voucher to enter the big bro house. Then there's Bonner (bonnie) who cant say her own name and whose brain (if she has one) does'nt transmit any expressions to her face. She is like porridge the longer you leave her the thicker she gets. And then there is Thickie... I mean Nikki. "I want to marry and professional footballer and just have a credit card to shop and have lunch" what a stupid little cow. Drown her!!! thats what the pool in the garden is for.t


At 4:48 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

i need bottled wawter!!!!

At 4:48 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Lauren just let me in on your website. love it, see you soon. Tabs x


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