Monday, May 15, 2006

Helpful Hints??

Isnt it interesting that Iget commnets in repsonse to my posting like the last 2 on the article I posted. If I wanted to renew online I would but I DONT. I want choice and I want it now and I am a customer so I am always right, right?. wrong! in the about face reverse engineered business of transporting Londons masses that is LU the customer is always wrong. More to the point who cares? It seems that with a strong grip that bob crow and his crownies (geddit) have on the staff there is no need for customer facing training, consideration, or indeed providing a pleasant user experience.

I think every underground station should have a punchbag hanging up in the shape and size of Bob Crow or Bobby Laws. We could then all give it a good kicking. Better still the Bobbies could do a tour of underground stations during the rush hour and get some feedback from CUSTOMERS. hahahaha can you imagine that?

Any you LU employees keep your comments coming. And the rest of you please feel free to join the fun.,


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