Friday, March 23, 2007

Clueless and couldnt care less

Oh dear and I was enjoying the staff, service and fequency of trains at Barons court.

So I arrive there yesterday at 7:40 am to find a large queue. I see that the problem is that the ONE oyster card machine is down. Hence the large queue. But they only had ONE window open for ticket sales. I began to moan not too loudly but obviously loudly enough to get all the others in the queue shuffling nervously and looking at their feet. They must like being inconvenienced as I didnt hear anyone else complaining or more likely they were horrified that they had "a nutter" in Barons court.

When I finally got to the window I made my views known to the chap behind the window (no swearing or shouting) pointing out the fact that there was a large queue of incovenienced people and only one window open but that 3 yards away 2 jolly (and fat) LU staff were having a whale of a time drinking their steaming cappucinos and having a no doubt fascinating discussion with the newspaper seller (who by the way leans on the post at a 45 degree angle with his other hand out not looking at those that drop their change into his mitt or greeting them with a hearty good morning). No doubt they were analysing the budget presented by the nosepicker and eaterer (see todays metro). Anyway I digress. So I realised as I was berating the chap that he was behaving as though I was just asking for ticket and acting normally. He then told me the card machine at the window wasnt working either. At this point of course I looked like that angry little bloke in those cartoons - Yosemite Sam.

Luckily I had some cash. and they did actually open another window. Good old Barons Court

My wife had the same problem later at West Ken and was told to go and get some money out and it wasnt their fault as she should have renewed the night before!!!!!!!!!!! what??

She bunked on instead and she is a really nice chick and not in her nature to do that normally.

Nothing like a bit of customer service eh?


At 11:29 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Soon there won't be ANY Ticket Offices open at small stations like Baron's Court..... Only big ones like Victoria, the main (Victoria Line Ticket Hall one) and only open part way through the day.

All in the name of progress and customer service.....

Transys - the firm that own ALL the ticketing systems on LU don't maintain anything (just like the Infraco's) until it costs them money when the thing breaks.

At 11:33 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I forgot to say, that since the new ticket office open times started. If you go to the window (when it shpuld be closed) and ask for a ticket. The staff member rather than selling you the ticket in 30 seconds is meant to leave the ticket office and help you buy it from the Passenger Operated Machine (POM).

At a station not that far from you, one weekend the Supervisor was a tad bored, so decided to open the ticket window and sell some tickets. He was threatend with being sent to a Disciplinary!

At 7:30 PM, Blogger Station Supervisor said...

The machines weren'y actually broken, just the Credit Card software for the whole the network was down from the start of the train service.

All stations yesterday morninging couldn't process Credit/Debit card until it was rectified, so it wan't just Barons Court.

At 11:10 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

It seems to me there are an increasing number of organisations that employ 'executives' who have absolutely no idea what it is like to be on the front line of a service. The stupid 'rules' they impose in order to make their paper calculations appear to tie up are just stunning. I've no doubt that the agent behind the counter to whom you vented your spleen had probably as much to say to his own management about their competence, support to staff and the service and the lack thereof. Unfortunately, the Underground is a monopoly supplier and seems to think it can get away with minimal service inputs.

At 2:10 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

To the obnoxious, insulting and definately clueless nasty man.

Perhaps if you were to take time out and enquire as to the reason for the queue you might have been a little more understanding.
Throwing tantrams and making fellow customers nervous helps nobody. As to your insulting comments about members of staff at Barons Court I for one find your tone quite offensive.
I'm sure that if you were to introduce yourself to the paperman he would be more than willing to raise himself to perpendicular and make your aquantance.

Well Thumper, if you are as you describe yourself, perhaps by just walking under the barrier next time you can save time on the queueing. Be careful though as Revenue Inspectors are qualified to issue tickets unlike fat Station Assistants.


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