Thursday, March 01, 2007

Mind the Gap !!

I find that I need a correspondent to report the performance of the Wimbledon spur of the district line as I never have reason to travel on it anymore. So anyone out there that can keep me informed I will post your comments here.

MY latest gripe is mainly the passengers. I change from the picadilly to the Central line at Holborn in order to get into the city. When the train doors open one could be forgiven for thinking the train was packed... but no. A quick peek past the selfish bastards crowding the doors shows there is oceans of room beyond. I now just hunker down and shove in and when they look in dismay I point out the amount of room. The is that taken up by rucksacks, broadshhet newspaper readers and........ the english gap. When they say mind the gap I think they mean the 1 inch or more that each person feels they must have around them in order not to make any physical contact with their fellow passengers. Anal in the extreme and prevents more people getting into a carriage. Not me though I dont mind standing next to fat, ugly or lumpen miseries when I am in a hurry. Of course its a bonus when one is next to a fragrant beauty but there arent many of those at 7:30 in the morning.



At 11:19 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I find fat people tend to have the most space around them - as if they're not already taking up enough room! Being of the thin and boney variety, I find people like you pushing your elbows through my ribs whilst the fat bugger is standing there in oceans of space - they usually have huge bags (full of their rations I expect). I did read somewhere that long ago people used to regularly sit on other people's knees (that's strangers knees) - I haven't had the nerve to do that yet - it might be misinterpreted in these PC times.


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