Wednesday, May 31, 2006

Stuck on the Tube for 3 Hours!!!!!

How can a train get stuck underground for 3 Hours!!!!

Ok even in the case of it happening are you telling me another train cant be driven up to it and passengers transferred. I would have been going up the wall. A definite tourettes attack would have ensued (and I dont even have it). I am not litigious either but I would be looking for compensation. Actually, hitting the person responsible might be satisfying enough. What I cant understand is signals breaking down. Are they that old or that shit. What can go wrong? I would have thought that with technology these days the tube could be fully automated without any need for human beings to operate it. Anyway us poor mugs have to take it so there it is.

World Cup

Lets hope England can win the world cup. Cant we have some trains in the Englanbd football team livery. May not be politically correct to celebrate ones own football team in owns own country on the "Iconic" (ironic) tube. On the other hand I bet no one had the imagination to think of it.


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